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Last Updated: Jan 20, 2014 09:07AM UTC
  Star Vault Support Staff are not able to trace or reimburse lost assets.  For the purpose of this policy, we define “asset” as any in-game item.  This includes, but is not limited to, any inventory item, pet, player owned structure, or character skills and attributes.  We understand that this can be frustrating, however tracing lost assets simply is not possible with our current volume of items and limited tracking ability.  Collecting, trading and using items are a very big part of Mortal Online, and we do acknowledge the importance of these items to our players. That being said, it is possible to lose an asset from time to time.

The asset data loss is typically related to a game error, a connection issue, or in some cases player error. In any of these cases our in-game support staff of Game Masters and Counselors are not able to trace these assets.  This means, which we have announced previously,  we are not able to reimburse for the loss of items. Without being able to verify how an item, pet, structure or attribute/skill was lost, a GM simply cannot make the decision to replace it for you. We ask that you please do not ask a GM do to so.

Your characters and assets are stored on our servers, along with those of everyone else in Mortal Online. This is a necessity of an open, persistent world. While we try to keep data loss to a minimum, however there are going to be occasional crashes or down times when data loss or "rollbacks" can and will occur. This is perhaps the most difficult situation for a GM to address, as they have no means to verify that you had the item, nor can they tell what may have happened to it. GM's are often asked to "look at the server logs (or save states)" and verify the asset.

Game Masters do not have access to the server backups. There are literally gigabytes of data in a backup, and it is not feasible for any member of our staff to search this data for every player that requests it. Even if we could, this would only show us if the item did exist at one time, and not what happened to it. Without being able to verify how an asset was lost, a GM simply cannot make the decision to replace it for you, and we ask that you do not ask a GM do to so.

If you lost anything due to a bug in the game, please try to recall the events preceding the loss, and report everything you can about the loss and the circumstances to our Quality Assurance team. You can do this by submitting the information in a bug report on our forums (, and our QA team will do their best to recreate the situation and verify the results in a test environment. This information, if verified, would then be passed along to the Development team for resolution. While this will not get your lost items back, it may help us to prevent this situation happening to yourself or other players in the future, making Mortal Online a stronger game for all.

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